Our Company

Our company is a family owned private limited company operating in the property construction and developing industry. The company’s origins go back to 1984 when Mr. Andreas Papanicolaou was an established independent contractor who through his development in 1991 created the Construction Company A. Papanicolaou Ltd as it is known today.

The main activity of the company has been the construction of residential projects (houses and flats), commercial buildings (offices and shops), as well as special projects (hotels and warehouses) within the extended area of Larnaca, Nicosia and Ammochostos.


Our knowledge of the local market, extensive technical experience in the construction industry and our creativity has been a strong contributing factor for a constant improvement and expansion.

Our company employs a range of experienced personnel and technical crew, who along with the guidance and experience of the management team, have managed to establish the company into a well-known reliable company in the construction industry delivering quality and timely construction projects.


The company holds a contractor’s license ‘B’, according to the Cypriot Legislation of the Council for the Registration and Control of Contractor, which allows the company to undertake and operate in a wide range of projects. This allows the company to target and bid for the construction of a vast range of projects.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide our clients with the best service in the industry.

Our firm has adopted a more environmentally friendly policy which commits to reduce the environmental impact.

The A. Papanicolaou Ltd takes into consideration the fact that the production of certain non-waste can be a source of pollution, is committed to: Comply with the current applicable legal and other obligations in order to achieve its goal. For example, designing and building according to the Technical Specifications of the “Energy Performance Certificate”.

Provide appropriate environmental training for its employees, by attending monitoring programs such as “THE LEGAL OBLIGATIONS OF CONTRACTORS REGARDING THE MANAGEMENT OF SOLID WASTE FROM EXCAVATIONS, DEMOLITION & CONSTRUCTION”


Reduce the quantity and risk of waste, through the collaboration with accredited suppliers who adopt the same policy. In this way ensures the safe management and disposal.

To protect its workers in the work environment by adopting safe operating procedures from the early start of the project, Health & Safety regulations.

Continually improve the Environmental Management System that the company applies.


Our vision combined with technical and local knowledge our willingness to think and act innovatory with respect to environment, be reliable to our beliefs and of course to our clients and associates is our strength to succeed.


  1. Papanicolaou Ltd is mostly active in the construction industry but has also undertaken a number of developing projects. The company has clients who range from the private and public sector as well as individuals.

The construction projects can be broken down to the following categories:

Public sector

  • Large housing units for purposes of subsidising families e.g.
  1. “Papaflessa Building”, in Nicosia for Cyprus Land Development Corporation, 2003-2005
  2. “Dafne Phase I- S1” 24 Residential Units for Cyprus Land Development Corporation, 2003-2005
  3. Dafne Phase I- S2” 20 Residential Units for Cyprus Land Development Corporation, 2003-2005
  4. “Kokkenes Phase D’ S1” Building Project, 34 Building Units in Kokkenes Larnaka for Town Planning and Housing Department, Nicosia, 2006-2008
  5. “Dafne Phase II, S8, 30 Residential Units, for Cyprus Land Development Corporation, 2007-2009
  6. “Dafne Phase II, S9, 32 Residential Units, for Cyprus Land Development Corporation, 2007-2009
  7. “Eantas IV”, 32 Building Units, Ayia Varvara Nicosia, for Cyprus Land Development Corporation, 2011-2013
  8. “Strovolos III”, 2 building units of 18 apartments in Nicosia for Town planning and housing department , 2016-2018

Private sector

  • Commercial projects which include the construction of offices and shops for small to large businesses e.g.
  1. “Alsaco Ltd Building Complex”, Larnaka, 20 offices , 1992
  2. “Chatziyianni Building Project”,in Latsia 50 offices and 20 Shops, 2006-2008
  3. “Achilleos Court 1-2”, Larnaka, 100 offices, 1992
  • Housing projects which include the construction of housing units and apartment blocks e.g.
  1. Building Complex “SOFOKLES KYPRIANOU” Student Accommodation, in Nicosia, 2004-2005
  2. “Domopoli Court 1-2” 20 flats, in Latsia, for Domopole Company Ltd, 2006-2007
  3. “Calypso Court”, 14 apartments in Nicosia, for A.Papanicolaou Ltd, 2011-2013
  4. “Calypso Court 2”, 7 apartments in Larnaca, for A.Papanicolaou Ltd, 2020-2021
  • Special projects which include the construction of hotels, warehouses and luxury premises in general e.g.
  1. “Potato Packer Factory”, 17542m2, Larnaka, 1995

2. “Asterias 4* Beach Hotel” in Ayia Napa, 1998-2000